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Affordable Online School Welcomes The First Cohort in 2022 


Switch eDu Online is proud to announce the 2022 program of its online school that is bringing a fresh new approach to learning.

Established in April 2021 through its Switch Saturdays free maths tutoring platform, Switch Edu Online will offer a curriculum for foundation, intermediate and senior levels and will welcome its first academic cohort in January 2022 starting with Grade 1-8 followed by Grade 9 in January 2023 and Grade 10-12 in January 2024.

The online school aims to make education accessible through the provision of affordable private school education tailored in accordance with the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement requirements. Fees for the school range between R1,250 for foundation phase to R1,499 for intermediate and senior phases.

“We promise to provide learners with the best possible chance to reach their full potential and have the best start in life. This intentional foundation will equip them to take on the world with confidence and relevant skills that ensure their future success,” says Nicky

Blumenfeld, Communications Specialist at Switch eDU Online. All teaching is informed by real life learning based on personal development, forward thinking and global outlook.

There has been significant growth in online learning since the Covid-19 pandemic started early 2020. The pandemic followed by the lockdowns aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus, forced schools, universities, and companies to remote working and this resulted in an explosion in the update on internet-based services.

According to a report by global education market intelligence firm HolonIQ governments, employers and consumers together will spend over $7 trillion a year on education and training by 2025. Post COVID, HolonIQ sees significant growth in early childhood and workforce education, tuition deflation in higher education. HolonIQ expects total global education technology (EdTech) expenditure to reach $404-billion by 2025 representing a 16.3% compound annual growth rate between 2019-2025.

While distance learning has for years embraced digital platforms, the take up of online learning for the schools and universities was astronomical. Parents and children have adapted to change resulting in Switch eDu Online aiming to renew its traditional teaching methods to deliver a dynamic, relevant and practical curriculum that reflects current attributes.

“With our team of highly experienced and passionate education specialists we were inspired to rethink learning and launched Switch eDU Online,” said Blumenfeld.

Switch eDU Online offers an end to end Learner Management System called CLASSTER, which allows learners to keep track of their academic performance with personalised calendar of events and teaching schedules. Parents can also follow their children’s schedules and general academic performance, and stay in contact with teachers. CLASSTER is used by 500 institutions in more than 25 countries around the world. Teachers can use this platform to upload tasks, homework or lesson plans and other class activities for learners to access.

In addition, Switch eDu also provides optional short courses in international languages such as French, Swahili, Mandarin and German.

“Our objective is to encourage independent and experienced based learning beyond the classroom, be it at home, socially or outdoor environment to encourage active learning that stipulates the mind, body and soul,” says Blumenfeld.